“We’re working to change our culture so we can continue to be competitive globally and upgrade the skills of our entire work force. Had we not had JSP and CTP programs, the new plant expansion may have been launched in another state.”

Grays Harbor College partner:
Rick Hole, Plant Manager
Ocean Spray Cranberries

AWB Institute
Association of Washington Business
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
Renton Technical College
Location: 3000 N.E. 4th Street
Renton WA 98056 
Website: http://www.rtc.edu
Region: South Puget Sound Region
Contact to Discuss Training:
Contact: Dante Leon
Department:  Business Development
Email: dleon@RTC.edu
Phone: (425) 235-5831
Fax: (425) 235-5832 
Dept. Website:   http://www.rtc.edu/employers.a...

Additional Contacts:
Contact: Maggi Sutthoff
Department:  Workforce Development
Email: msutthoff@RTC.edu
Phone: (425) 235-2352 x5542
Fax: (425) 235-7832 
Dept. Website:   http://www.rtc.edu/Programs/Wo...

Additional Contacts:
Contact: Doug Medbury
Department:  Culinary Arts
Email: dmedbury@RTC.edu
Phone: 425-235-2352 x5754
Fax: 425-235-7832 
Dept. Website:   http://www.rtc.edu/Programs/Tr...

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College Description
Renton Technical College is “employer-driven” in providing world class customized employee training for today’s diverse marketplace.

We have a track record of cost-effective training solutions developed for customers ranging in size from Boeing and Group Health to small neighborhood businesses. Renton supports small businesses and it is the host of the state’s only BIZ Fair (in partnership with the IRS).

Contact us to learn how our industry-savvy faculty, state-of-the-art technology, and recognized expertise in training a diverse workforce can work for YOU.
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